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Wedding Music

Weddings at Asbury First are a joyous occasion and a time of worship of God for all those attending. The addition of music supports the spoken word and helps to create an atmosphere of beauty and awe.

The Asbury First organist, Duane Prill, or assistant organist, David Strong, will be present at your wedding. Due to unexpected schedule conflicts that may arise, Asbury First reserves the right to change the organist if necessary. Though this is not common, all previously arranged musical requests will be honored.

Prelude – A 15-20 minute prelude for organ or piano (or combination of both) will be selected by the organist and played as your guests are seated. The music consists of familiar classical melodies as well as pieces from the sacred organ repertoire.

Processional – The Processional piece(s) should be chosen from those listed below. A general rule is to select one piece of music if your bridal party is small and two if your bridal party is larger. The organist can assist you in your selections if needed. When two selections are picked, the second one will be used for the bride's procession exclusively. Other appropriate pieces may be considered in conversation with the organist.

Recessional – Please select one piece of music from the list below as your recessional. You may also select the postlude music from the list. This music is played while your guests exit the sanctuary. Other appropriate pieces may be considered in conversation with the organist.

Vocal Solos – Asbury First has a selection of soloists who may be contracted for your wedding. Please talk to your wedding coordinator for additional information. Sung texts must be of a sacred or religious and not "pop" nature. The soloist can guide you in the proper selection of music.

Instrumental – Use of instrumental music can also enhance your wedding. For example, the use of trumpet music for the processional or recessional adds an exciting dimension. Our staff can help you with this.

Hymns – There are many fine hymns included in the United Methodist Hymnal that will help make your guests become an integral part of your ceremony.

Music for Processionals

Name Play Duration
1. Rigaudon.mp3
1:07 min
2. Trumpet Voluntary.Clarke.mp3
0:52 min
3. Theme from 3rd Organ Sonata.mp3
1:29 min
4. Trumpet Tune (Rondeau).mp3
0:42 min
5. Psalm 19.mp3
1:01 min
6. Trumpet March.mp3
1:00 min
7. St. Anthony Chorale.mp3
1:11 min
8. Arioso Thanks Be to Thee.mp3
0:58 min
9. Larghetto.mp3
1:34 min

Music for Recessionals

Name Play Duration
10. Trumpet Tune (Purcell).mp3
1:11 min
11. Trumpet Voluntary.Stanley.mp3
1:20 min
12. Voluntary in D.mp3
0:39 min
13. Ode to Joy.mp3
0:46 min
14. The Rejoicing.mp3
1:02 min
15. Allegro.mp3
1:25 min
16. Toccata.mp3
1:44 min
17. Final.mp3
1:23 min
18 Now Thank We All Our God.mp3
1:28 min
19. Processional in E flat.mp3
1:37 min