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The Outreach Committee will consider:

Requests that meet the overall mission of Asbury First UMC and the mission and vision of the Outreach Committee. Priority will be given to requests made by existing Asbury First UMC outreach ministries in support of continued operation and expansion of those ministries.

In addition, other proposals will be considered with the following criteria:

  1. Mission work performed by members of Asbury First under the auspices of a registered non-profit organization
  2. Other outreach initiatives in which members of Asbury First are actively involved
  3. New ministries and/or missions developed by Asbury First
  4. Communications to inform & educate others about outreach at Asbury First

Organizations must have a current tax-exempt status and be able to provide documentation.

Organizations must not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, national origin or religious belief.

Organizations are required to complete and submit the Outreach Ministries Funding Request application to the Outreach Committee Chairperson and may be asked to provide additional information.

The Outreach Committee does not fund:

  1. Grants or Loans to individuals
  2. Funding for personal scholarships or tuition
  3. Election campaigns
  4. Debt reduction of the organization

Outreach Funding Proposal

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Funding Requested (in dollars)
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Church Involvement
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Church involvement: pastoral, staff, committee, group or volunteer, Time-line.

Vision & Mission
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Describe how the funds further the vision and mission of our church.

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Describe how and to whom the funds will be allocated.

Follow-up and Audit
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Describe the follow-up and audit process which will make sure the funds are used for the intended purpose.