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Our Outreach


Asbury First is committed to living the Gospel message to love one another both locally and around our world.  Our outreach ministries are one of the best ways that we accomplish that goal. Each week we have hundreds of volunteers, members and non-members alike, who keep our outreach ministries vital and growing. If you would like to volunteer, but are unsure who to contact, please be in touch with the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will help you get connected.

Please check the events calendar for the most updated listing of outreach opportunities on any given week. 


"A Way Forward" is the Strategic Plan for Outreach at Asbury First

To learn more, please see the report here.


AFUMC Outreach


Outreach in Rochester

We participate in local efforts to help others, some developed by our own members, others in collaboration with other area organizations and churches.  Below are some of the local outreach efforts at Asbury First:

  • Storehouse
    Asbury First Storehouse distributes donated clothing, kitchenware, and linens free to people who are referred from social agencies, health care facilities, and churches.
  • UR Well Clinic
    The UR Well Clinic is a collaborative outreach program with University of Rochester School of Medicine that offers free health care to the greater Rochester community.
  • Dining and Caring Center
    The Dining and Caring Center offers nutritious, hot meals, hair care/personal hygiene, laundry and other assistance to homeless and low-income people.
  • RAIHN (Rochester Area Interfaith Hospitality Network)
    RAIHN is a non-profit, non-denominational group of faith communities in Rochester who help homeless families achieve sustainable independence. Several times a year, Asbury First opens its doors to RAIHN clients, who spend a week living at the church, sheltered and fed with the help of church volunteers. Click here for more information.
  • Grocery Bag Ministry
    Delivers 75 bags of groceries each month to an inner city church, where they are distributed to needy members of their congregations. Food is donated by Asbury First members; volunteers spend time organizing and bagging the food, and helping with the delivery. Read more about the Grocery Bag Ministry and its stories of impact here.
  • School 17 Outreach
    Asbury First volunteers tutor pupils at this urban school in reading and math, and help in specialized areas such as art room. In addition Asbury First members help students obtain school supplies, participate in school trips, and receive other benefits they could not otherwise afford.
  • Oral G. Roberts Youth Café at West Avenue UMC

    The café provides food and activities in a safe and caring environment to youths in the area of West Avenue UMC. The café is open each Friday night with Asbury First taking responsibility for one Friday each month.

  • Flower City Habitat for Humanity – In 2016, Asbury First worked in conjunction with the Harvest Home coalition of churches to complete a home at 57 Ries St. in the JOSANA neighborhood. This is the fourth house that Asbury First and the coalition has completed. Fundraising has already begun for the next home, which will break ground in about two years. Through our participation with Flower City Habitat for Humantiy, Asbury First is helping to give families in Rochester "A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out."

Outreach Beyond Rochester

DSC 0139We believe that Christ's injunction to "love our neighbor" extends across the globe. Through the work of our dedicated members, and with the time, skills, and financial support of others, we extend our reach far beyond Rochester's boundaries.

  • Adult Mission Trips / Disaster Response
    Putting our faith into action is at the very heart of our Christian calling. Through adult mission trips we serve and live our calling and our lives more faithfully. Each year Asbury First organizes regional and national mission trips to areas devastated by disasters or trapped in chronic poverty. Early Response Teams (ERT) help people with relief after a disaster hit their community. Disaster Recovery Teams help those who are unable to rebuild homes after a disaster. 
  • Miracle Garden Tsunami Children's Home
    Located in Theethipalayam, India, this ministry is led by Asbury First members John and Michelle Pandian. Founded to provide a home for children orphaned by the 2004 tsunami, Miracle Garden now houses more than 38 orphans who often have been victims of violence or trauma. Children study at the Miracle Garden Christian School on site, and are joined by many children from area villages. Find out more HERE.
  • Project Chacocente
    Project Chacocente is devoted to alleviating extreme poverty in Nicaragua. Ten families living and working in the Managua Dump in 2004 agreed to learn the skills necessary to build a better life. Relocating to rural farmland in Masaya, they began a 10-year journey of community development based on Christian principles. They now live in homes they built, farm the land they own and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Their children attend Chacocente Christian School, which provides a full day, tuition-free. In addition to the children of the Project, more than 130 children from the impoverished, surrounding neighborhood attend the school. Find out more HERE.