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Meet Our Volunteers and Donors

Amy Libenson

Amy Libenson is the chairperson of Temple Beth El’s TikkunOlam Committee. She looks for volunteer projects that allow members the change to address poverty-related issues in Rochester. “Tikkunolam is a Hebrew phrase that means ‘repairing the world’ she says. “We were so impressed with everything going on at Asbury First and felt strongly that this was a place where we wanted to participate,” she remembers.

From the beginning, says Amy, the response from volunteers has been overwhelming. The Temple has its own Sunday dinner team. Amy is a member of the Dining Center board of directors. “It [the Dining Center] fills a real need in our community and does it very well. It’s highly organized and so welcoming. Our members love coming to the Dining Center. They’re often surprised by how comfortable they feel at the Dining Center. It's a remarkable place, and we’re grateful to be part of it.”

Anonymous Donor/Volunteer 

One long-time volunteer and donor first got involved at the Dining Center because it offered him the chance to share his love of cooking. He and his wife, who wish to remain anonymous, support the Dining Center financially and with their volunteer time.

“Large organizations do a lot of good things,” he says, “but there’s no personal connection. Volunteering at the Dining Center lets us do things on a personal level, where we can see the impact. The Dining Center gives me a way to connect with people in the local neighborhood and gain a better understanding of our community's needs.