An inclusive, Christ-centered community making a difference.

Meet Our Guests

Mark and Maria

Mark was sleeping in the public safety garage. He is a carpenter, but after a difficult separation and divorce he became depressed and unable to work. His mental health status led him to homelessness. He rode his bike to the Dining Center each morning, greeting us with a hearty “Good morning! What can I do to help?” We connected Mark with an outreach worker at Rochester General Hospital so he could get mental health counseling. Through a grant, we helped Mark find inexpensive housing. 

As Mark was straightening out his life so was Maria. 

Maria came to us each morning seeking peace and support for a difficult family situation. She and Mark sat together at the same table and offered friendship and a listening ear to one another. Maria enrolled in college and hopes to become a social worker. Mark and Maria have faith in God and believe that God is with them and will not desert them. They are planning to wed in the near future.