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On Sunday, January 22, we met for the annual AFUMC charge conference to vote on the 2017 Annual Operating Plan and the nominations report, as well as hear a report from the Ministry and Space Task Force about the various projects under review around campus. You can watch the full video, follow along with the presentation, read the report, and learn more about the forthcoming changes below.


The Ministry & Space Task Force was created in 2012 to evaluate how we use our campus and recommend any changes which could help us better utilize our space to live out our mission. Our goal as a congregation is to steward all our resources well, including all spaces on our campus. We want our physical space to represent the convictions and purposes of Asbury First.  Our buildings are ministry tools that should help us to achieve our mission and be accessible by all. 

The committee began with a room-by-room, hour-by-hour analysis of every building and a review of major deferred maintenance items that needed to be addressed.  We interviewed over fifty groups on campus in order to understand usage and hopes for future ministry. The committee quickly discovered that our space usage and accessibility varies significantly—while some of our space on campus is very well used and accessible, other spaces on our campus are under-utilized, inaccessible, or in need of repair and or improvement.  We used this information to identify major themes and engaged an architect to help us think through better uses of our space.  We identified the following areas of focus: 

•Accessibility of All Buildings

•Inadequate Space for The Dining and Caring Center and   Storehouse

•Maintenance Issues 

•Potential Usage of Third Floor of 1050

•The future of 1010


In September 2015 we presented our recommendations at a special Church Conference, and the congregation voted to move forward with more detailed estimates and plans for the following areas:

•Completion of Major Maintenance on 1050 and 1040

•HVAC Replacement and electrical upgrades 1040

•Replacement of front and side steps to Sanctuary

•Adding an Elevator to 1050

•Building an accessible restroom in 1050

•Renovation of third floor of 1050

•Additional Maintenance and Space Issues

•Partial Air Conditioning in Sanctuary


•Consolidated music space

•New Sanctuary lighting and controls

•1040 Window Repair & Maintenance

•Updating Fellowship Hall Kitchen Equipment

•Porte Cochere off Welcoming Hall

Three items were added by the trustees following that meeting:

•Organ repair and Curtain Replacement

•Basement upgrades in 1010 and 1050


At the time, we recommended leasing 1010, and building an Outreach Center to house all of our ministries.  The Outreach Task Force was then formed to further explore our outreach ministries with an eye toward the future.  This committee was led by Diana Carter and they spent the a last sixteen months on this vital work. Their conclusion was that outreach needs to be done in the most cost-effective way possible, and encouraged us to evaluate existing space as compared to building.  After extensive discussion, both the Storehouse and the Dining & Caring Center came to the independent conclusions that they would rather solve the issues in their current space than build or move.

With all of this information, and cost information from the architect, Ministry & Space is ready to make our final recommendations.  

Priority A

•Boiler & Air Handler with partial cooling in 1040

•Updated electrical service and fire code

•Replacement of chancel lighting and control

•1050 Accessibility (elevator, new entrance, site changes)

•1050 Third Floor Rehab

•Update of Fellowship Hall kitchen

•Replacement of front and side steps

•HVAC improvements in Ed Wing

•Waterproofing and HVAC improvements in DCC and   Storehouse

•Organ curtain replacement

•Organ maintenance


Priority B

•Music Suite

•Replacement of Ed Wing windows

•Porte Cochere at Welcoming Hall

More detailed information about each of these items can be viewed through the church website at

We will soon have a major announcement regarding an exciting potential use for 1010.  We plan to hold a congregational meeting after the 11am service on Sunday, February 12 to discuss this opportunity and hope that you will plan to join us for that conversation.

Ministry & Space will hold several Town Hall style question and answer meetings through the winter, and a special Charge Conference following Easter where we will vote on moving forward with these projects and a capital campaign. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Chuck Hanrahan, Chair of Ministry & Space at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or 585 383-8794 (H)