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Hug Relay

Join us!

Help us bridge the divide and spread the love one hug at a time! We need 1,300 people to set the Guinness World Record for the Longest Hug Relay.


Help us spread the news about this amazing event! Use #rocthehug and get the community excited!

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For contact information, or to confirm your group's participation, visit here

Official Rules

Since this is an attempt at a world record, check out the rules by Guinness for the Longest Hug Relay here!


We are excited to have so many different groups/organizations from the Rochester area help us in this goal. Visit here to see who will be there!

Bridging the Divide Through Love—One Hug at a Time

Last year, over 600 people gathered outside Asbury First United Methodist and hopscotched in an attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records for the most people hopscotching at the same time. It was an amazing moment, full of people from all over Rochester—diversity represented in terms of gender, race, orientation, age, ability, religion, and heritage. We gathered, not just to have a blast (and believe me, we did!), but to remind this community that in order to love our neighbors, we have to first know our neighbor. It was beautiful.

And guess what—we are DOING IT AGAIN! On August 8, we are setting another big bold goal. This time we need 1,300 people. We intend to “spread the love” by setting the record for the world’s longest hug relay—physically bridging that gap between  people. We will stand in a single-file line (serpentine style) and pass a hug from one end to the other. You will receive one hug and pass it on to one other person. That’s it!

Our hope is to break this record, but we recognize that the success will come in our willingness to stand in a divided world and spread the love.

Join us. August 8. 1050 East Ave. Food trucks, live band, kid activities, and a chance to create a bridge through love.


Click below to watch a video of the current record holder, and visit the Guinness World Records site here to learn more about their attempt.