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Asbury First Barnes and Noble Book Sale November 26

barnes and noble logo 1The church library receives a percentage from every sale made at Barnes and Noble on Monday, November 26—the date of our Asbury First book sale at Barnes and Noble's book fair at the Pittsford location. Come and join the shopping fun (just in time for Christmas shopping!) and enjoy performances by the Asbury First bell choir and other musical groups from our community. The proceeds of the sales go to the Library at Asbury First and are used to add to the library's book collection.

Featured Reading Selections for October/November 2018

This Fall, consider spending some time with your imagination or learning something new with a book you’ve never explored before. Take a look at what we’ve added to our shelves—and see where it takes you.

The Hate U Give is a brilliant first novel by Angie Thomas.In one sense, it is about an eerily contemporary criminal case:  a white police officer shooting an unarmed black teen. There is suspense in whether a young girl can tell the truth as a witness, and be believed, or safe. Author Thomas has a true gift for capturing speech: the black and white teens at home and school, the street thugs, the adults who are sick with alcohol and drugs, the formidable grannies and the Pollyannaishpastor at church, the educated mother and the school-of-hard-knocks dad, the annoying little brother, all have different speech patterns. Starr, the protagonist, is consciously using two different ways of speaking in her two worlds. It’s a strain. Our teens would likely really relate to this book. Our adult patrons should try to check it out as soon as they can. It’s one of the best new novels in our collection. Find it in the Fiction section. Recommended by library committee member Monica Gilligan.

I’ll Push You pushes readers to be better people. Do you remember the book that was the basis of the Reverend David Lubba’s sermon in September? It has become a popular reading choice of those who heard that inspiring September sermon. The book is I’ll Push You: A Journey of 500 Miles, Two Best Friends, and One Wheelchair by Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck. I’ll Push You is the real-life story of a 500-mile incredible journey—one traveler in a wheelchair and one pushing. It is a travel adventure full of love, humor, and spiritual truth.  The library at Asbury First has recently made this book available by adding this 267-page book to our collection for loan by any of our church readers. Come in and check it out.

Looking for a program for your class or group?
Here’s a ready-made DVD program in a series of nine interfaith lectures by notable speakers of the following faiths: Muslim, Jewish Humanist, Hindu, Reform Jew, Sikh, Orthodox Jew, Zen Buddhist, Evangelical Christian, and Progressive Christian. The series is available for loan from the church library for FREE. Created by the Chautauqua Institution, these lively and engaging conversations point the way beyond mere tolerance of other faiths toward a real appreciation for the gifts each tradition has to offer in an interfaith world. Check out all or part of this nine-series set. 

New books recently added to the library collection:

  • Devotions: The Selected Poems of Mary Oliver

  • My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry by Fredrik Backman

  • And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer: A Novella by Fredrik Backman

  • I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb

  • How Dare the Sun Rise: Memoirs of a War Child by Sandra Uwiringlyimana

  • A Thousand Mornings: Poems by Mary Oliver

  • Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption by Bryan Stevenson

  • Aging Without Apology: Living the Senior Years With Integrity and Faith by Robert E. Seymour

Looking for a book? Click here!

The Asbury Library Committee is pleased to announce that you can now search our database online by searching title, author or subject here! When you find a book that you are interested in, you can write down the call code and bring it to the library to help you find the book. At this time, the online system will not be able to let you know whether or not the book is in the library, but that is the next step. Stay tuned for more!

Get to Know the Library

Founded in 1977, the Library at Asbury First is located off the Welcoming Hall. The book collection ranges from general reference, life stages, religion and science, Bible, theology, and spirituality to fiction, church history, and Christian education, organized with the Dewey Decimal System. A posted chart provides numbers and categories of the books and there is a color-coded chart for the children's collection.
 Use of the library is free and it is open to church members when the church is open. The process for checking out and returning books is an easy, self-serve honor system.

Besides encouraging use by individual church members, the library committee provides programs for children's Sunday school groups and adult education classes. It works to strengthen the family and young adult collections and is creating a library collection database.
 The committee credits memorials, area book exchanges, and donations as sources for books and supplies. It is possible to leave memorials to help fund the library, and such gifts play a major role in providing for library needs.

Our Mission

We will collect books and other material that allow our community, of all ages, to gain information and insight into the following topics and others that may be deemed appropriate as time goes on:” God and our relationship to God, Christianity, the Methodist Church, Other religions, Spirituality, Human relations ( including but not limited to racial issues, parenting, marriage, aging, sexuality, and psychology), The Bible and Bible translations, Inspiration, Education, Issues pertinent to the support of or development of local, regional, national, and global missions, friendship and love, and Stewardship of the earth and its resources. 

The Collection

The goal of the church library is to:

1.  Allow access for all ages

2.  Strive to make accommodations, when possible, for different abilities by including large print editions and audio materials

3.  Be organized in an efficient and easy-to-access manner

A total of 4,055 books, DVDs, and videos are available in the rooms designated as the Library at Asbury First. They may be checked out free of charge to church members who may simply sign them out for a three-week period.
In addition to books for adults, youth, and children, there are large print books, books on parenting and special needs, and books that deal with holidays and special topics.

If you need a book for a devotion for your group, a Bible story, entertainment for children, a Sunday School class lesson or a look at a variety of different Bibles, the church library can provide all of these and more. The process for checking out and returning books is an easy, self-serve honor system.

Our Location

The church library rooms are located just off the Gathering Space by the elevator. There are two rooms, one filled with the books in the collection as well as tables for reading or studying. The second room is adjacent to this main library room and has comfortable chairs, tables and a quiet place for reading and study.

Budget and Donations for The Library

Members may contribute money to the church and designate it for the library use, or contribute books that they think may be of interest to the library. The church also provides funds through the annual operating budget that are used to purchase new books, replacement books for those lost or damaged, furniture for the library rooms, computer software for maintaining information on the collection, and supplies needed for library use.

The Library Committee

The library is operated and maintained by a committee of volunteers who meet monthly and hold weekly work days. New members to the committee are welcomed and those interested should simply leave a note of their interest on the desk in the library or contact the church office and ask to have the information provided to the committee. In addition to the usual operation and maintenance of a library, the committee is responsible for encouraging use by individual church members, providing programs for children’s Sunday school groups and presenting library information to adult education classes. The committee also works to strengthen the collection and to computerize the library operation by creating a library collection database.

How to Access the Library Collection

Use of the library is free and it is open to serve church members when the church is open. The library collection is organized using the Dewey Decimal System. A posted chart provides numbers and categories of the books and there is a color-coded chart for the children’s collection. The library is operated on a self-serve, honor system. Library users simply sign their name, phone number, and date on the library card in the front of the book and place the card in the receptacle provided on the desk. There is a return box located just inside the door of the library for ease in returning books. Books may be borrowed for a period of three weeks, but this time may be extended by simply renewing the book loan.