An inclusive, Christ-centered community making a difference.

UMYF Mission/Core Values

IMG 0462Mission Statement:

We welcome all youth to celebrate a growing relationship with God and each other, while joyfully serving in the example of Christ.

Sound Bite:

Welcome. Celebrate. Serve. All.

Youth Ministry Core Values:

SAFE: We create a physically and emotionally secure space where all are comfortable.

OPEN-MINDED: We create a non-judgmental place where diversity is celebrated and where we discover who we are and who God calls us to be.

LOVING: We strive to model the unconditional love of Jesus through care and compassion for all.

CHILL: We try for a low-stress environment.

FUN-LOVING: We believe laughter, games and casual conversations are essential to our community.

CONSISTENT: We have integrity and transparency in our actions, communications and relationships.

PASSIONATE: We are deeply committed to the growth and empowerment of our youth.


What does all this mean?

Our Mission Statement was created to embody the purpose and goals of all of our youth ministries.

Our Sound Bite was created to be a concise summation of our mission: we are committed to being welcoming to all who attend our programs; we want to be able to celebrate with one another in all things; we want to serve all with a joyful heart; and we want to truely embrace everyone (all) with the unconditional love that God intends.

Our Core Values are words to remind us of how we can bring about an atmosphere that encourages and uplifts all who are present. We found these words to be so impactful that we even had them painted on our youth room wall!