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9th–12th Grade Mission Trip

Missions Trips

2017 will mark our 41st annual mission trip! As a summer trip, this opportunity is available for all youth that have completed 9th–12th grades in the spring.

Because this is an annual trip, with the potential for you to attend for four years, we rotate four different cultural, missional, and geographic experiences. Possibilities are:

  • An international experience
  • An big-city urban experience
  • A small town experience
  • A rural experience
  • A cultural immersion experience
  • A communal immersion experience

Mission trips are a highlight of the year. You experience in one week as much as in an entire year of youth programming. Living and working together, you form bonds and friendships that last a lifetime. By giving up a week of summer and taking a break from music rehearsals and sports practices to lend a hand to those in need you truly bring gospel to life. God calls us to love our neighbor. By devoting one full week a year to this, you learn what it means to be a servant leader. We approach each mission trip with the idea that we are coming both to give and receive. This is an important two-way street that is made possible by your relationships with those that you are working with—whether it's another member of our group, an individual who is homeless, or a family in need of a new roof. By hearing their stories and sharing our own, we bring the world together in powerful ways. We are all God’s children, and together we can help continue to spread God’s love in the world. 

In 2017, our mission trip will be within a "drivable" distance. Presently, we are looking into opportunities south of us with a focus on construction.  More information and sign-ups will be forth-coming.

For more information on the mission trip and how to get involved, contact the Youth Minister.