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Adult Sunday School - Zoom

Sunday, August 16, 2020, 09:45am - 10:45am

AmericanGospelAmerican Gospel: Where's The Faith?

Sunday, 9:45-10:45 am on Zoom, Click here for the Zoom link

American Gospel is the main title of two documentaries that came out in 2018 and 2019. Each of these films seeks to take a look at the conflation of Christianity and the American dream. The film covers everything from the prosperity gospel to secular humanism in an effort to uncover what it believes to be the true Gospel message. All are invited to join us on Sunday mornings, where we will watch a portion of the film together and then spend time in discussion. These conversations will help us to think more critically about our own faith, and hopefully will open us up to learning about some ideologies that may differ from our own as well. Whether we come to the same conclusions as the documentarians, or not, is up to us (spoiler alert, Mike Mullin does not). We hope to see you on Sunday mornings starting on September 27.