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Advent Devotional 2019

The Meaning of Advent

It is good to remember that the word Advent in Latin, translates to COMING, and in this season of the church we ponder the COMING of Jesus. For four Sundays prior to the Christmas celebration, we prepare and anticipate the COMING of Jesus into our hearts anew and for the Love of Jesus to shine forth into our world. Jesus’ COMING is not a one-time event! Jesus COMES again and again and again. Yes, the season of Advent reminds us to remember and reflect on these significant times in our life of faith.

This year’s Advent season begins on Sunday, December 1 and proceeds through December 24. Interestingly, the first Sunday of Advent also begins the church calendar—so Happy New Year, church!

Now you probably are not going to find many Advent greeting cards (if any) in our local stores; perhaps if you look carefully, you may discover an Advent calendar or wreath. Preparing for the coming of Jesus, our Savior, has become overwhelmingly commercialized. It seems gift giving has taken on a life of its own while the pace of the season’s events tempts us to fall into a frantic frenzy.

Dear friends, Advent offers another option. It offers time for meaningful, reflective, thoughtful prayer as together we “make straight the paths” for the COMING of our Lord.

Come, Lord Jesus, Come

Advent Devotional 2019

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