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Weighing Long Term Options

January 2020

CaregivingCornger WeighingOptions

Travis and George discuss when to consider long-term care options.

The Importance of Self Care

January 2020

CaregivingCorner ImportanceSelfCare

Travis and George discuss why self care is important.

Keeping the Family Informed

January 2020

CaregivingCorner KeepingFamilyInformed

Travis and George discuss the family dynamics of being a caregiver.

Being a Male Caregiver

January 2020

CaregivingCorner BeingMaleCaregiver

Travis and George discuss what life is like being a male caregiver.

Becoming a Caregiver

January 2020

CaregivingCorner BecomingCaregiver

Travis and George share their advice on being a male caregiver.

Advice for Male Caregivers

December 2019


Travis and George share their advice on being a male caregiver.

Living with Alzheimer’s Disease

October 2019

CargivingCorner Video1 LivingwithAlzheimersDisease

Meet Jim and Rose Gulley. Jim was diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease four years ago. As true ‘care partners’ Jim and Rose are making choices and adaptations that are meaningful to them and reflect their values as individuals and as a couple.