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Study Guides

BBC_StudyGuides_400px.pngCongratulations on taking up the challenge to read through the entire Bible in one year! These resources are set up to help guide you through the process. You can use this to take notes and write down questions that come up as you read the text. You can also use this resource in groups to help spark conversations and encourage further engagement with the scriptures.

We will have printed versions available at the Welcome Desk, and you can download them on the links below:

Study Guide A covers January 1 through July 4

Study Guide B covers July 5 through December 31

The readings for each week were chosen to follow the general arc of the biblical narrative from creation to revelation, but some tangents were taken both to provide breaks in the readings, and to highlight important moments in our church year.

Most weeks, you will be reading an entire book of the Bible. Often, when we read Bible passages, we miss out on their full context in the larger story. By reading an entire book in a week, we are able to more fully grasp the nuances and implications of each of the stories within. In addition, many Bibles offer introductions to each individual book. We highly recommend that you read these first each week. These introductions will help to ground you in the particular scene and setting for each book. They will help to put your mind in the story, right from the very beginning.

Many Bibles will also offer comments and footnotes throughout the text. These can be very helpful if you have a particular question, as they provide deeper insights to individual passages. But for much of the time, it will likely be better to gloss over these points so as not to get bogged down and lose track of the story.

Some weeks also contain optional readings marked by brackets [ ]. These are books that are not included in most Protestant Bibles but are included in some Catholic and Orthodox Bibles. These books are often referred to as the Apocrypha and are included in many Study Bibles between the Old and New Testaments. Because of these traditions, we wanted to include them as optional readings and have paired them appropriately in our schedule. It is in these books that you find the stories of the heroine Judith [Judith], Chanukah [1 Maccabees], and dragons [Bel and the Dragon].

We thank you for joining us on this Bicentennial Bible Challenge, and we are excited to be embarking on this journey of biblical discovery together!