Better Together

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Yes! We will provide a giving statement each quarter for your records, which will also update you on the status of your pledge.

How many years may I take to fulfill a capital projects pledge?

You may take as long as you need to make a meaningful gift to this campaign. Based on past campaigns, most gifts have been given over the course of 3-7 years. 

Can more than one person give for a named gift opportunity?

Yes! In fact, in our last campaign, we had an Adult Sunday School class give a joint named gift, and it was a beautiful way to participate in the campaign. 

Are there ways to make a gift other than cash?

Yes! We can accept securities, real estate, and personal property (as deemed acceptable by the Board of Trustees). You may also make a gift using a deferred vehicle (bequest, charitable gift annuity, charitable trust, life insurance, 401K distribution, etc.). 

Are we planning to pursue outside funding for any of the capital projects?

Yes! We have a group of volunteers bringing leadership to our requests for outside funding through grants, foundations, and any other opportunities. We have already been successful in several grants and are currently pursuing others.

Why not build a new building for outreach?

We considered it. A lot. In the end, however, because we value stewardship as a congregation, we knew it was not the right decision. Building a new building on our campus would not only have added a new (and expensive) depreciating asset, it would leave 1010 virtually empty. We knew it was not right to ask the congregation to build a new building without fully utilizing our current ones.

Why not place the Outreach Center closer to areas of poverty?

We also considered this. A lot. On the one hand, we recognize that poverty is closer than many of us think. On the other, when we asked our guests, we were told in no uncertain terms that they loved being invited onto a beautiful campus and made to feel welcome. They did not want us to move. Additionally, our location is easily accessible on the bus line and offers plenty of parking for guests and volunteers alike.

When will construction on the Outreach Center begin?

As soon as we have secured the pledges to cover the cost of the renovation. No sooner. Our hope is that we can begin as soon as possible as the need for integrated services has only increased.

Where will RAIHN be located?

We will remain a host congregation for RAIHN (Rochester Area Interfaith Hospitality Network) and families will be housed in one of our other buildings.

Are there more phases to come?

Phase one of the Better Together campaign focused on immediate infrastructure needs including the front steps, the boiler, and the necessary electrical work in 1040. This phase two focuses fully on the Outreach Center, which includes the accessibility of that building. Phase three will be the accessibility of 1050 East Ave and, we hope, will include the renovation of the third floor.