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As part of our congregation’s outreach efforts, Asbury is starting a community garden. We’re looking for people who are:

  • knowledgeable or eager to learn about vegetable gardening

  • can work with similarly motivated guests of our Dining & Caring Center

  • willing to serve on a long-term leadership team to establish and oversee this garden.

  • or willing to help out with the physical work regularly through the gardening season or for special projects.

A grant from the Monroe County Soil and Water Conservation District is providing the funds and labor to construct raised beds, which will lay between 1010 and the playground. At some point in the Fall, we may be asking for help to fill the beds with soil and compost. 

Would you be willing to serve on this team or as a garden volunteer? Some of the work will be quite physical but we can manage it while still social distancing. The literal fruits of our labor will augment the menu at the dining center and provide a better diet for our guests. Figurative fruits include opportunities for guests to share their own gifts as they are able and to engage more fully in the life of the church. We expect children in Sunday school will be able to participate by starting seedlings each year.  

If you're interested in sowing a mustard seed with us, please contact Rev. Jacqueline Nelson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.