An inclusive, Christ-centered community making a difference.

The events of the last few weeks have highlighted the scourge of racism in our country. We have glimpsed with horror the arbitrary brutality too often perpetrated against people of color and join our voices in denouncing sinful acts of racial violence. Black lives matter. As Christians, we have a special obligation to speak truth to power and work for a world in which we all finally and fully live as Christ commanded—in which we love God and love our neighbor as ourselves. With that vision in mind and as pastoral leaders in a congregation which longs to do more good:
We LAMENT the loss of life, livelihood, and liberty of too many of our black siblings and grieve for the system that has allowed such gross disparities to grow between white people and people of color.
We REPENT of our own racism and recognize that silence in the face of injustice is its own kind of violence. We ask forgiveness for our part in these systems of oppression.
We COMMIT to taking the following steps to ensure that we do not let the cries of this moment go unheeded:
AS INDIVIDUALS, we will listen, learn, read, and seek understanding of racism, and encourage the entire congregation and staff to do the same. We will invest personally in cross-racial friendships and do the hard and daily work of becoming anti-racist.
AS A CHURCH, we will:
  • Form a Racial Justice Advocacy Team (click here for more info) that will dedicate its work to helping Asbury First better address issues of racial equity inside and outside the church. This team would seek to understand the racial justice work already happening within our community and provide direction to the church on where to best focus our efforts.
  • Implement training for those in leadership and volunteer roles that address racism directly.
  • Keep racial equity as a priority in our hiring practices, funding decisions, and liturgical planning.
  • Continue to create educational and fellowship opportunities that highlight and address racism.
WITHIN THE COMMUNITY, we will partner with organizations and advocacy groups dedicated to racial equity to provide volunteers, resources, and space. Further, we will look for ways that we can advocate for changes to public policy that demonstrate our conviction that black lives matter.

As in all things, we strive to undertake this work with humility, trusting in God's perfect love to overcome our imperfections.
Rev. Dr. Stephen Cady
Rev. Mike Mullin
Rev. Jackie Nelson
Rev. Kathy Thiel