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God is doing great things at Asbury First. With a renewed sense of mission, we have witnessed growth in nearly every aspect of our programmatic ministry in the last year. We are a year into our Dreamscape (our strategic plan) and already we have experienced the fruit of our labor in attendance, communications, outreach, and much more. Plus, we have seen the first step of our Better Together campaign come to fruition (check out the new front steps here).

In 2019, we plan to continue making progress on our goals, which means moving forward with the staffing enhancements you requested. In addition to maintaining our current level of staffing (including security), next year we hope to:

1. Return to a full-time Director of Music. The retirement of Dr. William Weinert and the transition of David Strong to the Church Administrator position provides an opportunity to return to a full-time Director of Music to oversee and coordinate all music ministries as outlined in the worship and arts strategic plan.

2. Return to a part-time volunteer coordinator (called the Director of Connections). The Dreamscape envisioned a return to a position that connects people to opportunities for service, discipleship, and care.

3. Add a part-time financial assistant. This repeated recommendation from our auditors and request from Dick Moncrief would provide another person to ensure our financial processes continue to run smoothly and that we have redundancy in our financial protocols.

All of these efforts are only possible through the generosity of our community. In order to add these positions and maintain our current staffing levels (with cost-of-living and healthcare increases), we will need to increase our budget by approximately $149,675.

Every year, we ask members of our community to estimate their giving for the year ahead and make a pledge. To be clear, we recognize that things happen throughout the course of a year which can change people’s ability to give for better or worse, but without an estimate of what will come in during the year ahead, we aren’t able to budget for new initiatives or confidently fund current ones. To that end, we would ask you to prayerfully consider making a pledge in the year ahead.

Ultimately, our goal is tithing—giving 10% of our income, but we recognize that everyone’s circumstance is different and believe that every gift matters. You may make a pledge here. We hope to have all of the pledges turned in by Sunday, October 28 when we will consecrate them in worship.

Finally, we ask that you consider giving through a regularly scheduled electronic funds transfer (EFT). Not only does this make the process of giving easier for you, it saves the church precious time and resources currently devoted to inputting and processing checks. Click here for a form and instructions.

If you have questions about your pledge or giving to Asbury First, please contact the Rev. Dr. Stephen Cady at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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