An inclusive, Christ-centered community making a difference.


Asbury ChurchJesus said, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10b)

Just as the Christian faith is about bringing life to the world, Asbury First is about bringing life to this community. We believe the only way to the fullness of life promised by Jesus Christ is through love—love of God and love of neighbor. Through love we find life. In a love-filled life, we are led to serve others. Through service to others, we find love fully expressed. This cycle is the heart of discipleship and as such, we believe it is the key to living into God’s dream for this community. Thus, our mission at Asbury First is to love God and neighbor, to live fully, to serve all, and then to do it all again. Or said simply—love. live. serve. repeat.


Love God and neighbor.

Live fully. 

Serve all. 



Love. Live. Serve. Repeat.

What we believe:

As an inclusive Christian community, we believe that our faith is shaped by the witness of Scripture, the insight of reason, the wisdom of tradition, and our personal experience of God in Christ. We represent diverse theological perspectives and faith experiences. This diversity enhances our common quest to be one in Christ.

We value the gifts of all persons, and encourage each to use his or her gifts in responsible stewardship and service to others. We care deeply about each other and express this love with support in times of sorrow and celebration in times of joy.

We stress community worship as a weekly expression of faith in God. Additionally, we offer numerous opportunities for personal spiritual growth and outreach to others.

To find out more about what United Methodists believe, click here.


Asbury First’s values represent a description of our guiding principles. These statements are standards of behavior, which are inherent in all we do. We value:

Being Open to All

We believe we are all equal in God’s eyes and all are one in Christ.  We extend hospitality and encourage full participation for all regardless of any perceived defining characteristic. 


We believe we are at our best when we connect to God together through preaching, prayer, and song. We strive for excellence in all we do, especially in our worship experience.


We believe we are better together; fellowship and care are keys to love and life.


We believe everyone deserves hope and fullness of life. We endeavor to practice mercy and work for justice in our local and extended community.


We believe we—adults, youth, and children alike—are called to grow in our faith both as a community and individuals through education, regular worship, meaningful fellowship, a commitment to service, and celebrating rites of passage together.  


We believe what we have is a gift from God. We share our gifts with an open heart to help meet needs at Asbury First, the Rochester community, and throughout the world. 


We believe we must care for the human, physical, and financial resources with which we have been entrusted.


Our mission, values, and vision were identified from our shared dreams but also provided the platform upon which our dreams were clarified. Once the framework was set through the hard work done on the mission, values, and vision, the Dream Team re-examined the dream data to suggest our missional goals for the years ahead. We articulate these goals under the banner of our core values and express them below as future states—as if we have already done more good in each of these areas.  

Each goal has a number, a title, a concise description of the desired state, and an assignment of responsibility.  An asterisk (*) indicates those areas for which we believe additional resources (human, structural, or financial) may be required. 

1.0 Being OPEN TO ALL

•1.1. Accessibility: Our buildings are fully accessible to those with physical needs for all areas used in church activities. 


•1.2. Diversity: Our church in word, practice, and worship is reflective of a diverse set of cultures and perspectives. Our congregation, staff, and lay leadership reflect our Greater Rochester community.

Responsibility—Church Council, SPRC, Hospitality, New Task Force/Committee*

•1.3. Hospitality: All who enter Asbury First for any reason (whether worship, programmatic activity, or spiritual or other need) encounter a unique sense of warmth and welcome within our community. 

Responsibility—Hospitality, Staff, and Leadership



•2.1. Attendance: Our weekly worship attendance is at 1,000, an increase of approximately fifty percent from 2017.

Responsibility—Worship and the Arts, Communication Team, Hospitality

•2.2. Technology: Our worship experience is faithfully expanded through digital media.

Responsibility—Technology, Worship and Arts, Communication Team



•3.1. Connection: All who desire one have a place within the Asbury First community beyond worship.

Responsibility—Discipleship, Communication Team, Church Council, Volunteer Coordinator* 

•3.2. Care: People within our Asbury First community receive the right care at the right time in the right place. 

Responsibility—Staff, Congregational Care

•3.3 Communication: Information is communicated effectively to all audiences inside and outside our community.

Responsibility—Communication Team*, Church Council, Staff, Technology



•4.1. Strategy Alignment: The Outreach Taskforce report, “A Way Forward” has been faithfully implemented. 

Responsibility—Outreach, Church Council, SPRC, Pastors



•5.1. Faith Development: A clear pathway for discipleship is available for all in our community. 

Responsibility—Discipleship, Pastors
•5.2. Celebration: We grow our faith through the celebration of life’s rites of passage together. 

Responsibility—Discipleship, Staff, Communication Team



•6.1. Time: All members of our community volunteer in some way (either within our Asbury First community or outside our community). 

Responsibility—Leadership, Volunteer Coordinator*, Technology

•6.2. Talent: All members of our community are able to use their talents and leadership abilities within our community to serve others. 

Responsibility—Nominations, Volunteer Coordinator*, Program Staff

•6.3. Treasure: All members of our community give financially (and pledge) to Asbury First as they are able with many members tithing. 

Responsibility—Stewardship, Planned Giving



•7.1. Endowment: Our endowment is currently at $10M. 

Responsibility—Trustees, Planned Giving

•7.2. Capital Improvements: A 15-year revolving plan and process is in place to manage capital improvements. 


•7.3. Structure and Systems: Our structure and systems are organized in a missionally effective way.  

Responsibility—Church Council, Leadership, Technology, and SPRC


The mission, vision, values, and goals of Asbury First were accepted by popular vote on June 25, 2017 as part of our DREAMSCAPE plan. To learn more about the plan, click here. In addition to the DREAMSCAPE plan, the Asbury First Ministry & Space Task Force presented their recommendations for updates to our campus, which will assist in growing our ministries and community impact. To see the plan, which is now in effect, click here.