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200th Anniversary

Church Timeline

Learn more here about our beginings, our ministers, and the different buildings we've occupied over 200 years.

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We are excited to know what you think Asbury First will be like 200 years from now.

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Archive Treasures

Over the last 200 years, we've collected some incredible pieces of our history. Learn more here.

Video Stories

Check out the amazing stories you shared with us to celebrate our 200th anniversary.

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200 Acts of Kindness

Help us spread God's love with 200 Acts of Kindness to celebrate 200 years!

We are happy to be celebrating our 200th Anniversary!

It is quite a feat to make it to 200 years as a church. Our church has grown, moved, and united, and continues to be an incredible presence of love in the Rochester community.

While we are disheartened that we cannot celebrate together in person, we know that many will share the joy of this achievement even while apart. The church isn't a building—it is made up of the people who gather together in God's name and love. 

Since we won't be able to celebrate in person, we have a few ways that we'd love for you to contribute to our virtual occasion. While the formal service will still begin at 11 am, we will have a special pre-service offering that will begin at 10 am. Be sure to tune in to the live stream early to share in this event!

Stories of Asbury First Video

We are so happy to be a part of this great legacy and are grateful to all who shared your experiences with us! We asked you to tell us what Asbury First means to you or about your favorite memory, then to send us your video to be a part of the 200th celebration.

This special video from members of the community will run before and after the 200th Celebration Worship Service. Tune in to the live stream at 10 am, or stay on after the service to watch the video. 

Learn more here.

Church Timeline

The Methodist Church has a long and rich history in the Rochester area. Our own start in the community was in 1820 when First Methodist Episcopal Church began. First Church later combined with the Asbury Society Church in 1934 to form Asbury First United Methodist Church. Take some time to look over this interactive timeline that shows the membership, ministers, and some fun milestones from 1820 to 2020.

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In celebration of 200 years, we invite you to upload images, messages, and more to share your experiences at our church. Instead of adding your messages to the physical Dreamboard in the Gathering Center, we'd love it if you could post on our Kudoboard by clicking here!

You can still submit your Kudo!

Learn more about it here.

200 Acts of Kindness

In honor of our 200 years, we are calling the Asbury First community to do 200 Acts of Kindness. Go out into the Rochester area or even farther and spread God's love through simple actions.

We are eager to see what you come up with, so we created a form to document your acts of kindness. Fill it out and send us a picture, or post about your acts of kindness on social media using the hashtag #asbury200kindness.

Download the form here.